Jun 03

Veritas Dovetail Saw Guide System Review

Over the past several months I have been practicing cutting hand cut dovetails and very slowly getting better. Each time when there were gaps etc I would take note of the problems and take note of where in my process the lack of precision might come from. Through this i was able to pretty well eliminate my inaccuracies in marking and laying out dovetails however I still could only cut square enough to get my dovetails right 1/3-1/2 of the time, which if you’re making a drawer box can result in a lot of do-overs. I had long thought what if there was some kind of guide that would allow me to keep my saw at just the right angle and then while browsing the Leevalley site I discovered that such a product does exist and its made by one of my favorite tool companies.  Link to product

The system is available in 3 different angle setups  1:6, 1:8, and 14 deg.  I chose the 14 deg because most of my drawers are 1/2 inch and i also just like the way it looks better, I can easily see myself picking up the 1:8 and 1:6 down the line.  The guides are $42.50 each, and the saw is $24.50 or a set is available for $59.  I recommend picking up the set because the saw really does work great.  The problem is you have to use a saw without a spine and most flushtrim saws are too flimsy while most dovetail saws have  spine which will prevent the setup from working.  The Veritas saw seems to be a good balance of thickness/stiffness but not too thick of a kerf and it leaves behind a clean edge.  The saw is pretty simple to use basically clamp the guide to the wood, the clamp itself has squared surfaces so its easy to line up, and put the saw so that the magnet engages the glade and the low friction surfaces glides and then start cutting.


Untitled from Diyourfaceoff on Vimeo.


Conclusion: I highly recommend this saw guide setup. My dovetails were good only 1/2 to 1/3 of the time and just good not excellent. Now i’m getting excellent dovetails pretty much everytime.


this was my VERY FIRST try using this product…not bad

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