Apr 20

Triton Lumber Rack Review

If you do any amount of woodworking you probably need some lumber storage. I’ve priced out many different options and the triton lumber rack at around $75 is one of the best deals that I’ve found. Additionally I’ve owned a triton 3.5hp router for my router table for quite some time and really love its many unique features.

Lumber rack filled up

Above is the rack I’ve had for a while which works quite well.

The rack is a simple design and goes together very quickly.  Place screws through the sides of the main bars and then slide a shelf bracket down to that point.

Step 1 place screw in side of bar

Step 2 slide bracket down to screw

Basically just repeat this process and then hang the shelves on the wall with whatever fasteners your wall requires, Concrete anchors in my case.

Overall i’m very happy with this kit its a simple cost effective way to hang lumber and its well made, decent thickness on the steel tubing with a durable powder coated finish.

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