Jul 15

DIY upcycled t-shirt dog tug toy by iamthemandy.com

With the 105 degree Kansas heat blazing down outdoors, I thought my little buddy, Mister Hyde sidekick of iamthemandy needed a few more things to keep him occupied while indoors during the day. This handmade toy is awesome for playing tug of war or even just for gnawing on. It’s super easy to make and it will make one happy boy or girl.

What you will need: 

old t-shirts – we used 5 of them for an assortment of color



Step 1: Take your t-shirt and begin cutting 12- 1″ strips from your t-shirt. Mister Hyde is a 20 pound Jack Russell, so we made our strips 17″ long. Depending on your dog’s size, longer stands might be needed.



Step 2: Tie a knot at one end. Include all 12 strips.

Step 3: Next, divide the 12 strands into 3 groups, and begin to braid down from the top of the knot. (just like grade school ya’ll)

Step 4: Tie it off!

Step 5: Trim the ends and begin playing!