Apr 18

DIY Humidor Build-How to build a humidor

I started work this weekend on building a few humidors.  I decided since I hadn’t built one before that I would build a small test humidor first…turned out to be a good idea.

First thing is first…I’ll link you to an article I saw in finewoodworking

I modified my design slightly from this design because I wanted to use a miter lock joint for several reasons.  The first being added strength, miter lock joints have a lot more glue surface, the second being ease of repeatability…though these joints aren’t easy to get setup once you do its easy to keep making more parts, the final reason is that many of the higher end humidors in the 500+ dollar range that I have seen use this type of joint.

Note:  If you’re going to use a lock miter bit use this setup guide its very helpful

One side of lock miter joints

Lock miters loosely in place before glueing

Following this I got out the dado blade and cut some recesses for the top and bottom to go into.  If you’ll notice the fine woodworking article uses mdf and plywood for the top and bottom….I decided to use 3/4″ spanish cedar.  I later realized why professionals use mdf/ply 1. Much cheaper 2. spanish cedar is really soft so you almost have to use very thick 3/4 wood which takes up a lot of real estate that cigars could be occupying-stick to thinner panels and you’ll have more usable space.  I realized this after i cut the dado for the top so it  will be cedar….glad i’m making this small test humidor first

Top inserted and joints cut for 1/4″ panel for bottom of humidor

A view from the top


Stay tuned for more updates as I finish this project.  Coming up soon will be applying veneer using a vacuum press, putting in accent strips on the edges, cutting the box apart and installing hinges.

Please check out part 2 here

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