Mar 07

DIY hand punched Poster / Invitations by iamthemandy

All you need is a push pin or needle and no excuses to rock this this how-to hand poked poster! I ran across a hand punched tin wall hanging while browsing in a local antique store. After staring in dis belief of how this scrap of tin was valued at $37, I decided it was my turn to bring this technique into the modern world.

diy handmade invitation by iamthemandy

hand punched "M" poster / invitation by iamthemandy


What you will need:

1 small needle or push pin

1 large needle or push pin

graph paper/paper towel

1 sheet of cover stock paper

masking tape

cork bulletin board

Find the rest of this do it yourself hand punched poster / invitations at iamthemandy!

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