Feb 28

Coming Soon…How to: DIY speakers

Custom Made Speaker Cabinets

I made this set of speaker cabinets for a friend a while back and have made several others.  Will be Building another set soon so I figured why not document how to build beautiful speaker cabinets likes these.  A little information on this set…This is using the following speaker parts kit, which I highly recommend.  The speaker design is Zaph Audio’s SR71 speaker which sounds as good or better than many $2000 pairs of speakers.

The How to will walk through the following processes.

Building Speaker boxes out of 3/4″ MDF panels

Cutting accurate recessed holes for the speaker drivers so that they are flush mounted

Applying wood veneer with a DIY vacuum press

Trimming veneer and repairing chips

Applying finish and wiring up speakers for use.

Pictured below is another set of speaker cabinets that I built for a pair of Zaph audio BAMTM speakers which I also highly recommend.  Zaph audio designs are very complete and not lacking in any way.  They are a great way to get into DIY audio and make sure that your projects turn out right the first time.  If you haven’t been to his site I strongly suggest that you go read through all of the articles packed with information featured on his site.

Floorstanding speaker cabinets


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