CMOY Headphone Amplifiers








 began making CMOY headphone amplifiers as kits. Since then we have greatly upgraded the kits and increased our volume allowing us to sell an upgraded product at a very competitive price.

Instead of Kits, amplifiers now come fully assembled and mounted in a tin of your choice.



Unlike other kits kits include the following

  • Alps Japanese made high quality volume control potentiometer complete with built in power switch, these are made in Japan to the highest standards
  • Vishay and Yageo High precision resistors
  • Texas Instruments TLE24726 “Rail Splitter” virtual ground IC for stable power supply even with low resistance headphones
  • Quality manufactured PCBs complete with large signal ground planes for lower noise
  • High quality Molded Battery snap
  • 8 Pin Dip socket for swapping out different op amps
  • Burr Brown OPA2134 hi fidelity op amp
  • Machined Volume Knobs.
Tin Choices
Choose one of the following tins

 Please Purchase from Tindie HERE for $34.99